Meet the inspiration!


Miss Lilias – my inspiration for this blog, clothing line and pretty much everything else. You can definitely say that I have been hit with the ‘baby bug’ hard. She is a wild little 6.5 month baby who loves bath time, her dogs, and her mama. She would rather stand then crawl and is the noisiest little nugget ever. She has also turned me into a stage mom…with her clothes (she will look beyond and I will be sitting there taking her photo in my mismatched sweats). I find myself searching the Internet to find her exactly what I wanted…then it clicked…why don’t I just make them…I am a designer after all! So now we have the beginning of what I hope will be a fun and fulfilling adventure – Lilias & Love. A children’s clothing line made from custom prints I have designed, and pieces that I love. We do both ready to order and custom (because I totally get it- the NEED for gold monogrammed onsies).
I also hope to share things that none of my non baby mama friends will talk about with me- ie fav products, home made baby food recipes, tantrums, etc.


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