Hi!! Nice to meet you!

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I’m Althea, mother of Lilias, wife of Stewart and a friend and relative to a whole lot more!!! It’s sometimes seems hard to juggle it all but I’m a bit of a granola parent and Lilias comes first just about all the time (sorry hubs!). I know they say always put your husband first but I am not my husband’s main source of nutrition, care and entertainment!
I recently moved back to my hometown after spending six years living on the East Coast (a mix of NYC and CT). I am still trying to figure it all out but Lilias has made the transition (and decision to move) the best ever. I am a brand representative for Rowenta (best iron ever!) and run my own lineALTHEA HARPER and now Lilias&Love. I am always busy but keeps me motivated and inspired. I also love a great gym session, cosleeping with my baby gurl, and my three small dogs.
I LOVE meeting other mothers and enjoying this beautiful process of raising a child with others!!! I hope to learn and share both creatively and through tips and stories on this blog!!!



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