Winter baby wearing

I LOVE baby wearing! I also love my Baby BjornBaby Bjorn – Lilias loves to look out and see the world and its awesome to have two free hands while having her close. It’s perfect from hikes to picking up the house. However, then winter came and I was at a lost. Lilias is happy in the stroller for a limited time but really prefers to be held for longer walks but I didn’t want her facing out and hitting the wind first (did I mention she hates facing me in the Baby Bjorn- she is complicated).
Therefore, I took the lead from my awesome mom friends and invested in a second baby wearing carrier- Ergobaby.


I had heard that it was beneficial for baby’s hips but what I really love is the way babies can fall asleep on you while you can get work done. If you have a baby who needs constant contact like mine then you understand what a benefit that can be! The hood keeps her head safe and creates a barrier between noise and light while her head rests right on my heartbeat.

I will definitely still keep my Baby Bjorn for warmer months but so glad I made the decision to switch to Erobaby for the winter.
Let me know if you have any questions or notable experiences with either baby carrier!


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